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About Us

Mission Statement

alumni UNI graz sees itself as a network for graduates of all fields of study as well as friends of the University of Graz that serves as a hub between the university, society, and economy.
The offer of alumni UNI graz covers scientific, cultural, and social activities with the aim of providing an exchange of ideas and experiences.

Our members

Of course, alumni UNI graz is not only defined by the quantity but also by the quality of its network. Nearly 4.500 members currently use alumni UNI graz for further education, networking, and to exchange experiences.

The alumni groups

1. Subject-specific groups: Sections
Members currently have the possibility to exchange knowledge, pursue further education, and keep in touch with former professors in 16 sections after graduation. A good three quarters of all members are already networked in a section, only a few departments have not yet founded a section in alumni UNI graz. Nearly all faculties and institutes have already recognized the value of maintaining contact with graduates and are happy when former students return to the University of Graz to seek an exchange with science.

At present, our sections are:


2. International groups

a. Chapters
The foundation of so-called “international chapters” aims to facilitate the networking of graduates living abroad and contribute to the establishment of the network of the University of Graz on an international level. In regular meetings, members have the opportunity to network, exchange experiences and ideas, and make new contacts. At the same time, these chapters function as a first, personal contact point for graduates who go abroad for a short or long period of time and can provide valuable support for them.
The objective is, on the one hand, to establish the network of the University of Graz on an international level and, on the other, to make it easier for graduates and students who go abroad to find their way in a new environment through personal contact points and an existing network.

At present, these chapters are:

b. International Networks

An international network is an “informal” connection point of alumni UNI graz and a precursor of the chapter. Graduates who are interested in participating can sign up in the alumni office to volunteer as contact persons in their city/region. Networks can also offer informal get-togethers (e.g. regulars’ tables).

At present, these international networks are:


The university is committed to establishing an active graduate network. As a member, you not only benefit from numerous discounts with our discount partners and a comprehensive range of events but also actively contribute to the establishment of the network. Furthermore, your membership makes it possible to support young academics with specific offers for entering the job market and to provide a platform for networking and exchanging experiences.

Further advantages of being a member of alumni UNI graz:

  • alumni e-mail address
    With the alumni UNI graz mailbox (Microsoft Office 365), you can stay connected with the university even after graduating, with an alumni e-mail address and a storage space of 50 GB.
  • Membership card
    Members with a residential address in Austria are automatically sent a membership card. If you reside outside Austria, we are happy to send it to you on request. Simply send a short message to alumni@uni-graz.at. With your card, you can receive numerous discounts with our discount partners in Austria.
  • Information
    We keep you up-to-date about the latest alumni UNI graz news and what’s going on at the university through our website, social media, and our newsletters.
  • Online member portal "alumni INSIDE"
    Use the member portal to register for events, manage your data, download special alumni offers, and much more.
  • Event program
    The range of events of alumni UNI graz comprises scientific, cultural, and social activities with the aim of stimulating an exchange of ideas and experiences.
  • Alumni Career Mentoring
    The Alumni Career Mentoring Program focuses on topics related to entering the job market. Students of the University of Graz can apply for a mentoring tandem place throughout the entire year. Graduates of the University of Graz who function as mentors and pass on their knowledge to younger colleagues have proven to be a key factor in the program’s success. The program aims to provide students with realistic insights into the professional sectors they are interested in, help them extend their personal network, and assist them in their career orientation. It is carried out in cooperation with the Career Center of the University of Graz.


Recent graduatesGraduates who completede their studies in the past or current year1st year free*
Reduced membershipStudents or employees of the University of Graz€ 11,-/
Regular membershipGraduates or sponsors of the University of Graz€ 26,-/
International alumniGraduates of the University of Graz who are abroad and former exchange studentfree

*Free membership until the end of the year. If you become a member after 1 July, your free membership is valid for the entire following calendar year. The free one-year membership for young academics is redeemable after the completion of a degree.  **The membership fee is paid per calendar year. If you become a member after 30 September, the membership fee is automatically valid for the following calendar year.

You can become a member of alumni UNI graz here
We would be delighted if you joined us!

Contact information

alumni UNI graz. the graduate network
Geidorfgürtel 21/1st floor, A-8010 Graz
Tel.: +43 (0)316 380 – 1820
Email: alumni@uni-graz.at


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alumni UNI graz

Geidorfgürtel 21, 1. Stock

Telefon:+43 (0)316 380 - 1820

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