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Chaper GUSEGG: Alumni Day

Mittwoch, 06.07.2022

GUSEGG Alumni Day

All the GUSEGG Alumni were invited to join for the Alumni Day at Schloss Seggau and this year’s summer school program to meet new students and reconnect with old friends.

In the evening, after dinner, a panel discussion was held, chaired by Michael Kuhn.

The panelists discussed under the motto "Hot Times" and debated questions like
"How can we learn from each other?" "What are the roles of Universities?" "How can we offer more inclusion?"

"The most important thing is staying in diaologue and talking to different people", the speakers were in agreement.
The discussion then continued at the wine reception following the event.

Have a look at the photos of the Round Table discussion on “Hot Times” with Walter Prügger (Diözese Graz Seckau), next to Roberta Maierhofer, Vice rector Joachim Reidl and student Celia!

Schedule of the Alumni Day

When: 6 July, 2022
Where: Schloss Seggau
, Seggauberg 1, 8430 Leibnitz

Arrival: 08.30
Morning Lectures: 09.00
Lunch and Meet & Greet:  12.30-15.00
Afternoon by the pool or joining the seminars: 15-18.00
Dinner: 18.30-19.30
Discussion: Hot Times 20.00

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